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Motorized Blind

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Motorized Blind

Edited: Julio/2016 18:27

The engine is used primarily in very large windows , and hard to reach areas where you want comfort and comfort.

Currently the technology is an essential part of our lives , it is no exception for our products. Virtually all of our products can have some degree of motorization or be compatible with intelligent systems that facilitate our lives and help us to save energy.

The engine is the application of intelligent products that would otherwise be handled manually only devices. By means of electric motors or batteries , sensors , remote controls and comprehensive and intelligent systems , you can control and manage many of the products with which we interact daily in our homes.

In addition to the luxury and comfort that these products offer , they also provide efficient use of energy, able to program and modify the functions of our products according to times, amount of external light , or even solar power supply .

Currently there are many levels and options to motorize several of our products , there are options for each according to tastes and possibilities.


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